India being the neighboring country we do share common features and that has open the opportunity of roaming around India and Nepal. Geographically India is to be found amid China Pakistan and Nepal. Moreover, the foothills enclose soaring mountains, tropical rain woodlands, plateau and unfertile lands. Travel and trekking in India offers diverse topographical setting with cultural diversity. As a consequent it has highly attracted the outsiders and has developed Indian tourism industry. India being the Hindu nation visitors come across countless religious spots in India. More than the religious monuments you will be captivated by those artistic design, sculpture and religious activities. The places like Gujarat and Kutch bestows scattered villages with awe-inspiring natural forces where you can study the innovative ideas on the nature and cultures of native people. Those vibrant and depth ornamentally decorated is shaped by Indian culture. Their multicolored festivals and ritual practices which have shaped their life styles may attract your tour to India to great extent.

To capture additional color and charm in the tour you can set into motion to Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur, and Tripura, Delhi and Calcutta and many more places where you can trace the folk culture in their day to day life. Likewise, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa is prosperous with artistic handicrafts which can be bought helping the local business and as a gift for your love ones. Talking about the adventurous activities during your visit to India you can carry out Heli Skiing, trekking, river running and mountaineering. You can have the enchantment of sun bathing, swimming and jungle activities holding your camera. So far we are arranging the packages for Darjeeling, Sikkim, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and other tourist destinations. Seeing your urge and time we can tailor the itinerary for that you have to contact us either via online or offline messages. Pure Nepal Adventure is available all the time for your help.

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